Tower crane slewing bearing device maintenance

Author: youke Time: 2020-06-30

Tower crane slewing bearing device maintenance
(1) the installation of the slewing ring bearings (bearing ring gear under the bottom of the seat and placed on the surface of the inner race seat) must have enough rigidity, mounting surface to level off.Before assembly rotary bearing support should be to deal with the stress, reduce the deformation of the rotary bearing pedestal.When assembling bearings and slewing bearing contact surface must be clean.
(2) should be paid attention to in using the change of the noise and the change of the steering resistance moment, if there is any abnormal phenomenon should overhaul.
(3) the slewing bearing must be horizontal lifting or store, not vertical lifting or storage, so as to avoid deformation.
(4) before the bolts completely tight, should be checked for gear meshing, the meshing condition should accord with the requirement of precision gear: namely the gear pair under slight brake operation after the distribution of the tooth surface contact spots on the direction of tooth height not less than 25%, not in the length of the tooth direction is less than 30%.
(5) the tooth surface work 10 flights a sundries shall be removed, and then coated with grease.
(6) in order to ensure the working reliability of the bolt, to avoid the shortage of the bolt pre-tightening force, slewing bearing the first 100 hours and 500 hours of work, after all should check the bolt pre-tightening torque, respectively.Since every work 1000 hours should check the pre-tightening torque.
(7) connected to the rotary bearing bolts and nuts adopt high strength bolts and nuts;Adopt double nut fastening and locking.
(8) tighten the nut, threads of the bolt and nut facing with lubricating oil, and should use the torque wrench in the circumferential direction is symmetrical evenly tighten many times.Finally tighten again, each bolt pre-tightening torque should be roughly uniform.
(9) on the ring gear of rotary bearing surface on the part of the raceway uniform 4 oil cup, adding grease to the race.In general, slewing bearing lubrication work 50 hours.Every time come on foot, must until leaking from the seal oil.