The main characteristics of tower crane

Author: youke Time: 2020-06-30

The main characteristics of tower crane
Tower crane boom is placed at the top of a vertical tower type rotary boom crane. Tower crane, also known as tower crane or tower crane, is one of the main modern engineering construction hoisting machinery, it is composed of steel structure, working mechanism, electrical system and safety device of four parts.
The mass of tower crane main advantages are:
1. With enough lifting height, large working range and working space.
2. Can be vertical, horizontal transportation at the same time, can make the crane, transport, loading and unloading in three-dimensional space for completion of the assignment, the efficiency is high.
3. The cab vision, easy to operate.
4. Structure is simple, easy maintenance, good reliability.
The flat head of tower crane features are:
Cross homework 1. Suitable for the group of tower, tower head for the flat head tower was cancelled, while working group of tower cross every difference in height between the two cross usually can be dropped to 3 m, and the tower crane tower head with more than 10 m;
2. Can be competent for the occasion of highly have special requirements of construction;
Section 3. The flat head tower crane boom in the air by disassembling and integral lifting compared with demand for lifting equipment is greatly reduced, not only saves the cost of dismantling, and more safe and fast;
4. The boom of steel structure, long life, high safety, good applicability, high efficiency;
5. The design of the flat head tower saves the design and calculation of tower head, tie rod, and the calculation of crane jib condition, mechanical model is simple, less amount of calculation is greatly reduced, design cost.