Tower crane erection method

Author: youke Time: 2020-06-30

There are many kinds of methods of tower crane erection method, as a professional tower crane rental company, here we introduce to you a tower crane erection method.
1. Lift section reinforcement to the upper fixed support section, then the boom section distance fixed. At this point the boom from the point of the support section.
2. At the end of an installation: on the basis of assembly chassis, use level leveling feet disease locking anchor retaining bolt.
3. Balance arm for the towers are good place and the anchoring section.
4. Install the three inclined support bar, fixed at the end of the boom is temporarily not to install the fourth root.
5. The second section will be fixed on to the first standard section, then put the derrick rose 1 m. fixture note before ascension in the upper part of the fixed guide.
6. Will support section in the second fixed on the standard section, and will improve section distance fixed jib.
Tower crane erection method is to introduce to here, hope above will be helpful to you, we will provide you with the best quality products.

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