Product & Technology

High Quality Raw Material
Raw material is the foundation of product and the first hurdle to guarantee quality.
UNIQUE tower crane bulk purchase steel directly from big steel factories very famous in China like Baosteel and Wisco, improve the safety of Product.


Robot Automatic Welding System
UNIQUE is the first manufacturer to adopt mast sections and main chord robot welding system in the same industrial in China. This system is reliable in the performance, with high work efficiency and high automatic degree. The welding quality of main load structure has reach advanced international degree in the same industrial.
Turn-able adopts robot automatic welding, make perfection more perfect and guarantee the quality of every parts;
Mast section of construction elevator adopt tooling positioning and robot welding.


Automatic Impeller Blasting and Spraying Assemble line
Adopt the world first-class automatic spraying assembly line. The large structure parts are dealt with impeller blasting before spraying. That remove steel surface oxides and welding spatters effectively, eliminates the internal stress producing in welding process, increase the parts anti-figure strength and steel surface hardness, increase painting adhesion and prolong the service life of the product. Max efficiency and saves energy.


CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
Plasma cutting machine carries on cutting steel material, not only quick cutting speed, but also smooth cutting surface, and small thermal deformation.

Precision Machine tools
The crucial parts between the plugs of tower crane heads, jibs and the machine holes adopt broaching machine processing , improving the hole precision.

Strict Quality Examination
Raw material test , test of welding , checking welding quality of appearance, assembly and adjustment of jib , tower crane head and pivot in factory.

Safety Protection
Safety protection devices are complete, improving the safety . Weight limiters introduce the advanced pull-ring structure from aboard, moments pf force adopt bow-board mechanical type, and can adapt to severe wild environment. Those make sure tower crane limiter sensitive and reliable , and avoid accidents of nonstandard use.