The use of tower crane

Author: youke Time: 2020-06-30

Tower crane is one of my main products of the company, the quality of our products after many years of sales worthy of your trust, the company accumulated a lot of experience, the following introduce everyone to tower crane using relevant skills.
First, the tower crane installed, should the machine technical inspection and adjustment, the phases and the machine after the inspection, can consign is used. Under no load conditions, the tower and the verticality deviation of the ground shall not be more than 4/1000. Motor and hydraulic equipment part of tower crane, should press on to the relevant provisions of motor and hydraulic equipment.
Second, the tower crane metal structure, track and all electrical equipment metal shell should be reliable grounding device, grounding resistance should not be greater than 4 Ω, and should set up a lightning protection device.
Third, each attachment of arrangement, the spacing between poles and attached to the wall distance should be stipulated in the original factory, homemade poles design calculation.
Fourth, the tower crane may close to overhead transmission line operation, such as limited to the site conditions, must be online road operations, safety protection measures must be taken. The safe distance of tower crane and overhead transmission conductor should comply with the rules.
Fifth, tower crane operations, should be enough work place, tower crane jib rod ups and downs, and no obstacles in the radius of gyration.
Sixth, homework before, must work to live environment, traffic roads, overhead wires, buildings, and component weight and distribution, and so on and so forth for a comprehensive understanding.