Classification of construction machinery industry

Author: youke Time: 2020-06-30

According to the provisions of the Chinese standard of construction machinery are divided into the following several types:
(1) mining machinery: including single bucket excavator, loader bucket excavator, mining.
(2) shoveling transport machinery: bulldozer, scraper, tipping machine, etc.
(3) the compaction machinery, including roller, compaction machine, etc.
(4) project hoisting machinery: tower crane, crawler crane, construction elevator, etc.
(5) pile driving machinery, including vibration pile hammer, hydraulic hammer, piling machine, etc.
(6) the road machinery, including asphalt spreader, asphalt concrete paver, etc.
(7) concrete machinery, including concrete mixer, concrete mixer truck, concrete pump, etc.
(8) concrete products machinery, including concrete block machine, hollow plate extrusion molding machine, etc.
(9) reinforced and prestressed mechanical: including strengthening machinery, steel molding machinery, steel bar connection machine, reinforced prestressed machinery, etc.
(10) decoration machinery: including preparation and mortar spraying machine, spray coating machinery, ground finishing machinery, decorate the hanging basket, hand-held power tools, etc.
(11) : aerial work machinery including overhead working truck, aerial work platform, etc