Tower Crane Operating

Author: youke Time: 2020-06-30

For the operater to operating the tower crane such a large machine, in order to protect the safety of the construction process, the construction workers in the manipulation of the process need to pay attention to the details of what aspects of it?
Experts pointed out that the tower crane. Quantity can not be more than 20% of the total amount of concrete tower crane, tower crane concrete label C30-35 to reach at least 63 series and over the tower crane must C35 concrete below 63 tower crane, C30 can be used if the wind Greater still have to use the C35. Rubble can be used, but to control the amount, and can only be based on the underlying platform reinforced middle, not at least 20 cm away from the plane of rubble, the basis of the surface must be flat.Then change rope before use for non-rotating wire rope must be properly uncoiling on rope involved in the roll should slow file operations, so that the wire rope circle neatly, never have chaos around. The tower cranes leasing experts pointed out that the formal design generally is not possible, their own home to build a house on the other said. There within the frame structure, the external wall load-bearing brick done within the framework, but poor seismic performance of this structure, norms do not advocate, estimated future slowly eliminated.

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