Problems of high buildings'tower crane

Author: youke Time: 2020-06-30

Problems of high buildings'tower crane
Large engineering tower operation has great influence each other, run more difficult characteristics such as collision and tower, tower crane is sustainable and accurate, and trouble-free operation, and how to meet the needs of the time limit for a project, reduce the fault, is of vital importance, how to do group of safe lifting operations?
1) low tower to tower.Low in front of the jib of tower crane, should be high observation tower crane operation after operation.
2) after the member let towers.Runtime in the area of the two tower crane tower arms crossed, after entering the area of the tower crane tower crane of to avoid entering the area first.
3) the dynamic tower for static tower.When working in the area of the two tower crane tower arms crossed, in a tower crane arm without rotation, the car to walk, hook without movement, while the other tower crane arm have rotary or car to walk, dynamic tower crane should avoid static tower crane.
4) good for heavy vehicles.In two tower crane to run at the same time, with no load should give way to have the load of tower crane tower crane.
5) tower for the main tower.In different units working division tower crane work area, if the tower crane arm into the units working area, guest area of tower crane for the primary area of tower crane.