Preparation before tower crane installation

Author: youke Time: 2022-04-23

The first thing to do is to determine the method of the tower crane.
    There are three common installation methods for self-elevating tower cranes, namely, the installation of fixed feet in large concrete blocks, the installation method of large chassis pressurization and the walking installation method. Different installation methods have different requirements on the ground pressure of the foundation soil, and different types The pressure of the tower crane on the ground is also different. In addition, the foundation depth and slope type of the project also affect the installation method of the tower crane foundation, which in turn affects the selection of the tower crane. Therefore, the user needs to have some practical experience, and carefully read the relevant foundation chapters in the product manual for the selection of tower cranes. .
    On the other hand, it is necessary to determine the start height.
    The commonly used self-elevating tower crane can be raised with the rise of the building. When the height of the tower crane exceeds the "free height", if it is raised again, the "attached wall" method needs to be used, that is, the tower crane is connected to the under construction. The projects in the project are "anchored" together, the height of the first attachment wall of different types of tower cranes is different, and the distance between each two "attachment walls" is also different. The tower crane attached wall has a rated lateral pull force for the construction project, which requires some completed projects to reach a certain strength. If the construction speed is fast, some of the attached wall does not reach the predetermined strength, which will affect the construction progress. In this case, the type of tower crane with a larger free height should be considered, and it is especially important in winter construction.
    Finally, pay attention to the surrounding work environment.
The surrounding environment has constraints on the selection of tower crane leasing. Pay attention to the height of surrounding buildings and the presence or absence of high-voltage lines. To avoid accidents and delays in the construction period.
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