How to safely dismantle the tower crane

Author: youke Time: 2022-04-20

How to safely dismantle the tower crane?
First of all, in terms of power supply, the construction site needs to provide a three-phase five-wire braking power supply for tower cranes with a power supply voltage of 380V.
Before the operation, the technical person in charge and the safety officer shall disclose the safety technology of all participating operators and learn the "Tower Crane Disassembly and Assembly Plan".
The lessor of the tower crane must do various inspections and make records before disassembling and assembling the tower crane. Before each operation, the team leader will divide the work and pre-class safety education for the operators, and strictly implement the self-inspection and mutual inspection system.
Investigate and coordinate the construction site in advance, and prepare transportation vehicles. Persons who are drunk or unwell are strictly prohibited from participating in the work. All personnel entering the construction site must wear safety helmets, and those working at heights must wear safety belts.
The construction site provides sufficient tower crane installation site and transportation roads. Cooperate with the construction site to supervise the safety of disassembly and assembly operations. Set up a safe work area, specially guarded, and prohibit irrelevant personnel from entering.
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