Use and maintenance of tower cranes

Author: youke Time: 2022-05-11

Tower cranes are widely used in the lifting, transportation, loading and unloading, installation and personnel transportation of various materials. They are indispensable equipment in modern industrial production and play an increasingly important role in the production of modern enterprises.


1. The use of tower cranes

(1) Select

The user unit selects the corresponding type of tower crane that meets the requirements of the use conditions according to the purpose, frequency of use, load state and working environment. The user unit should purchase the tower crane produced by the regular manufacturer, the purchased tower crane should meet the requirements of the relevant safety technical specifications and related standards, and the random product technical data should be complete.


(2) Installation

The user unit shall select the unit with the corresponding license qualifications for the installation, transformation and major maintenance of the tower crane. The tower crane should be used only after the construction unit has fulfilled the installation notice in accordance with the law and passed the supervision and inspection. After the construction is completed, the construction unit should be required to provide the corresponding construction technical information in a timely manner and store it in the safety technical file.


(3) Management

The user unit shall set up a tower crane safety management agency or assign full-time or part-time safety management personnel to engage in the safety management of tower cranes. The user unit should establish and improve the safety management system for the use of tower cranes, formulate emergency rescue plans for cranes, and strictly implement them.


The tower crane safety management personnel should organize the daily maintenance and self-inspection and comprehensive inspection of the tower crane; organize safety education and safety technical training; , you can decide to stop using it and report to the relevant person in charge of the unit in time.


2. Maintenance of tower cranes


(1) Maintenance cycle and requirements

Carry out daily maintenance and self-inspection at least once a month in the tower crane in use, and conduct a comprehensive inspection every year to maintain the normal state of the tower crane.


(2) Maintenance items and requirements

The daily maintenance of tower cranes in use focuses on cleaning, lubricating, checking, adjusting, and replacing wearing parts and failed parts for main stress-bearing structural parts, safety protection devices, working mechanisms, operating mechanisms, and electrical control systems.

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