Tower crane hoisting height regulation is introduced

Author: youke Time: 2020-06-30

Hoisting height also calls the hook height, from the tower of the surface of the concrete foundation (or top of the walking track) to hook the vertical distance.For car luffing tower crane, the biggest hoisting height is immutable, for pitch luffing tower crane, the lifting height change with different amplitude and, when the minimum amplitude of lifting height than spires dozens of meters high, therefore the pitch range of tower crane in hoisting height advantage.
Tower crane hoisting height includes two parameters, it is a tower crane installation free height of lifting height, tower crane while the second is the maximum lifting height, tower crane when installing a free height without attachment, general tower crane can reach 40 meters, can meet the needs of the under small high-rise buildings.
In order to prevent damage to the equipment tower crane hook lifting high security accident, each tower crane installation height limiter, but when the hook up to 1-2 meters away from the boom automatically cut off the lifting power, prevent the hook continues to rise.
Working speed of tower crane work include: lifting speed, slewing speed, luffing speed, etc.During the hoisting operations, hoisting speed is the most important parameters, especially in the high-rise building, improve the lifting speed can improve the work efficiency, hanging objects in place at the same time need to slow, thus lifting speed change range is lifting performance superior performance.
Hoisting speed is not only related to the lifting mechanism, and is associated with the ratio of hook block and tackle, 2 rope than 4 rope double, single rope twice as fast than 2 rope.
In lifting operation, slewing, luffing, etc., and its speed does not require too fast, but must be able to smooth starting and braking, can realize the infinite speed, frequency conversion control is ideal.
The tail size, unit weight and verandah size.
Slewing crane under the tail size is by rotary center to the tail (including loading block) of maximum turning radius, slewing crane on the end of the tail size is from the center line of the rotary to balance arm (including the balance weight) of the maximum turning radius.Tower crane's tail size is important parameters of tower crane installation disassembly and turning operations.
Tower crane parts of the verandah of the weight of the size of the tower crane during transportation and hoisting remove important parameters.