The distance between tower cranes

Author: youke Time: 2021-12-03

The plan should be drawn before the tower crane is laid out, especially in the real estate development area, where there are many residential buildings and the tower crane is everywhere. The distance between adjacent tower cranes should be considered, and the horizontal and vertical directions must be no less than 2m. The tower body and boom of adjacent tower cranes cannot interfere with each other, and try to ensure that the tower crane can rotate freely when the wind is too strong.


The distance between the rear arm of the tower crane and the adjacent building shall not be less than 50cm. The distance between the tower crane and the transmission line meets the requirements. If the distance between the tower crane and the transmission line is not enough, a protective frame should be erected. In principle, the protective frame should be erected after power failure. Metal materials should not be used. Materials such as bamboo poles can be used. The distance between the bamboo pole and the transmission line must not be less than 1m, and it must have a certain degree of stability to prevent it from falling down. In order to ensure that the above several distances meet the specification requirements, especially during the construction of a small area, in the usual tower crane inspection, when the project starts, the construction company is required to arrange the overall plane of the on-site construction machinery reasonably and then record and report. If different construction companies are not able to coordinate with each other, the construction unit shall be notified for unified coordination.

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