Repair methods of tower crane wire rope

Author: youke Time: 2021-12-17

Tower cranes, also called cranes, are common lifting equipment for construction companies. Tower cranes are used to lift construction materials such as steel bars, concrete, steel pipes, etc., and tower cranes are indispensable equipment on construction sites. The following describes common repair methods for tower crane wire ropes.
After 1000 hours of tower crane work, clean the transmission gear and apply grease after adjustment. Check and adjust the installation of the slewing bearing. Check and adjust the brake and safe installation. Check the wear condition of hooks, pulleys and wire ropes, and stop adjusting, repairing and changing if necessary.
For the damaged parts of the coupling after 4000 hours of repair or replacement. Repair or change the brake shoe. Change the wire rope, pulley, etc. Check the connecting bolts of the slewing bearing and replace if necessary.
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