Tower crane safety operating procedures

Author: youke Time: 2024-03-15


Tower crane safety operating procedures

1. Safety protection devices such as the tower crane's amplitude indicator, torque limiter, and various travel limit switches must be complete, sensitive and reliable, and must not be adjusted or dismantled at will. strictly prohibited

The limit device replaces the operating mechanism for shutdown.

2. Before operating, you must have a comprehensive understanding of the surrounding environment of the work site, driving roads, overhead wires, buildings, and the weight and distribution of components.

3. When the operating room is far away from the ground and there are difficulties in commanding, two commanding personnel can be set up at high places and on the ground, or effective contact methods can be used for commanding.

4. Operations should be suspended when encountering strong winds above Level 6 or severe weather such as heavy rain, heavy snow, or heavy fog.

5. During lifting operations, no one is allowed to stay or pass under the heavy object. It is strictly forbidden to use tower cranes to lift people.

6. It is strictly prohibited to use tower cranes for diagonal lifting, diagonal pulling and lifting of heavy objects buried underground or condensed on the ground. All concrete components or formwork at the construction site must be loosened before lifting.