The specific role of each mechanism of tower crane

Author: youke Time: 2022-01-13

Tower cranes are used to lift construction materials such as steel bars, wooden corrugated sheets, concrete, steel pipes and other construction materials.

The general working process of the tower crane lifting mechanism is: the lifting rocker pushes down the required gear (generally, you should start from the first gear and slowly increase the gear to avoid excessive impact on the mechanism), and the electric drive of the motor decelerates The speed shaft of the device, and the normally closed electromagnetic brake is energized, the drive brake system is turned on, the driving force of the motor is transmitted to the wire rope drum according to the reducer, and then the galvanized steel wire rope is used to drive the lifting hook to complete the lifting of the object. Raise and lower. The lifting brake system of the tower crane is a normally closed brake system.


The slewing mechanism of the tower crane bears the left and right rotating movement of the boom. The larger characteristic of the tower crane slewing mechanism is that the inertia force is very large. The electromagnetic brake for opening and closing is applied in the slewing mechanism of the tower crane. After the slewing mechanism is turned off, the tower boom can be rotated at will, reducing the damage to the tower crane caused by strong wind.


The car luffing mechanism of the tower crane manipulates the lifting hook to move horizontally along the tower boom. The car luffing mechanism is very simple among the three mechanisms of tower cranes. It should be concerned that during the whole process of outward luffing, if the torque exceeds the larger torque allowed by the tower crane, the outward luffing should be terminated immediately to avoid accidents of the tower crane.


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