Precautions when working on the tower crane

Author: youke Time: 2020-06-22

Precautions when the tower crane working
What should be pay attention when the tower crane working?
1. When the maximum wind speed is greater than 3-4, it is not allowed to work at the top. Unique tower machine
2. During the jacking process, the boom must be in the same direction as the standard section, and the hoisting arm should be braked by the slewing brake, and the truck should be parked in the jacking and trimming position.
3. If you want to increase the standard section several times in succession, after each section is added, the tower crane itself must be suspended from the standard section. The main chord and the lower support of the tower must have 8 high-strength bolt connections. Only in this case allows only one nut per bolt.
4. The added standard section must be the same as the existing standard section model so that it can be aligned.