Operation procedures of construction hoist

Author: yisainuo Time: 2021-09-03


1. Before working, checking and making sure the cable, grounding line intact, control switch at zero.After power on, should check and make sure the voltage is normal, should be the test without leakage. Should test and verify the spacing device, ladder cage, retaining the place such as door of electrical interlocking device is reliable, good electrical instrument sensitive effective, after start-up, should be no load lifting test, determination of the effectiveness of each drive mechanism brake, confirmed rear can begin to work normally.

2. The operator should be according to the command signal operation, should chirp signal before operation.In the elevator before cut off the power switch, the operator shall not be allowed to leave the operating post.

3. When the elevator running found abnormal situation, should immediately stop and take effective measures to the underlying ladder cage, troubleshooting rear can continue to run.When found in the running of electric control, should immediately press the stop button;Before the fault has not been ruled out, may not open the abrupt stop button.

4. The elevator in the heavy rain, fog, level 6 or above freezing, winds and guide frame, cable, must stop running, and the ladder basket down to the bottom, cut off power supply.After the storm, to lift the relevant security device for an examination, group of people after normal, can run.