Introduction of Derrick Crane

Author: yisainuo Time: 2021-09-03

Cranes, refers to extract hooks or other devices hanging heavy in the space lift and transport machinery and other cyclical operations. Crane There are many categories, "crane", "crane", "crane", "travel" and refers to the commonly known crane in a class or classes. According to the structure can be divided into bridge cranes, cable cranes and jib cranes three categories, according to extract the device can be divided into hook crane, grab crane, magnetic cranes and other 15 categories, according to the movement can be divided into fixedcranes, climbing cranes, cranes will move radially slewing cranes, traveling cranes five categories, according to the driving mode can be divided into manual cranes, electric cranes, hydraulic cranes categories. There accordance with rotation capability, the support mode, operation mode, etc. classification.

Crane is in a certain range of vertical lifting and carrying heavy loads of horizontal multi-action lifting machinery. Also known as crane. It belongs to the material handling machinery.Working characteristics of crane is made intermittent movement, that in a work cycle Reclaimer, transport, unloading and other movements of the respective agencies are working alternately, development and use of the crane on the market more widely.