Inspection and Maintenance of Construction lift

Author: youke Time: 2016-12-16

Inspection and Maintenance of Construction lift
Daily inspection
A, check all parts of the connecting bolts are complete, with or without loosening;
B, check the upper and lower limit switches, upper and lower limit switch reliability;
C, one by one check the door, broken rope and other switch action is normal;
Weekly inspection
A, check the construction lift cage wheel guide gap and tightening situation;
B, check the lubrication, the timely replenishment of new oil;
C, check the control cable alignment device;
D, check all the standard section and the wall attachment point and fastening bolts;
E, check the weight of the wheel and wire rope to balance the balance of the force;
F, check the cable for damage;
Monthly inspection
A, check cage cage and traction rope wear;
B, check the motor braking torque (according to the motor manual requirements);
C, check whether the security action is flexible;
Quarterly inspection
A, check the guide wheel bearings and adjust and replace the case;
B, check the adjustment roller and column clearance 0.5 ~ 1mm, serious wear and tear need to be replaced;
C, do fall test, check the speed limit the reliability of the brake;
D, check the activities of the whole broken rope anti-dropping device and reliability;
E, check the cage on top of the limit load institutions, excessive time to adjust;
Annual inspection
A, check the lift brake motor and cycloid reducer coupling;
B, check the hoisting machine hoist wheel slot and climbing on the positioning force on the kit components;
C, check the cage and traction machine traction Xiao column of the wear and tear.