Importance of Tower Cranes on Your Jobsite

Author: youke Time: 2021-09-03

Importance of Tower Cranes on Your Jobsite

Tower cranes allow you to tackle the more difficult tasks on a jobsite: lifting and setting steel at every floor level, pouring concrete or setting precast panels in place, and placing the permanent electrical and mechanical systems for final installation.

They’re incredibly important to construction sites and to the industry as a whole, allowing companies to create larger buildings in more sustainable ways, often in very tight urban spaces, while moving away from thick wall brick and mortar construction. It also allows them to work faster, more efficiently and at lower costs.

With the amount of electricity used by tower cranes, a reliable supply (and backup) is needed on your jobsite. If the power is unavailable due to utility delays or is shut off unexpectedly, schedules will be delayed, budgets may be impacted, and the overall safety of the site can quickly be put into jeopardy. Power and distribution play a key role throughout a construction project, and not having a proper plan in place for one of the key components of a project is a disaster waiting to happen.

When you notice the ever-changing skylines of our cities today, you’re bound to see the equipment making it happen every day and night. Construction has come a long way from that iconic Rockefeller Building, and much of it is thanks to tower cranes.

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