How a Tower Crane Performs Lifts

Author: youke Time: 2021-09-18

A tower crane will perform hundreds of lifts over the course of a construction project, moving heavy materials like steel and concrete into place for construction workers assembling a building.

Each lift involves the same basic moves:

1.The rope is lowered down along with the hook so that the load can be attached.

2. A crew of riggers securely attach the load to the hook, following basic principles of physics to ensure a stable lift.

3. The crane operator performs a series of moves, including hoists, which raise the load with the rope, rotations, which spin the crane, and trolley travel, which moves the load along the jib.

With these maneuvers, a crane operator is able to move a load within a very large area. In fact, the largest freestanding tower crane, the Kroll K10000, covers the area of six football fields with its reach of 330 feet. Because of their enormous power, construction cranes move massive amounts of weight — thousands of pounds — with the simplicity of a joystick.

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