Five rules for the use of tower cranes

Author: youke Time: 2022-02-11

Five rules for the use of tower cranes

1. Before use, it should be checked that the metal structural parts and appearance are in good condition, the sound is normal during no-load operation, the heavy-load test brake is reliable, all safety limits and maintenance installations are complete and intact, and the movements are flexible and reliable before operation.

2. When operating each controller, it should be operated gradually in sequence, and overstep operation is strictly prohibited. When changing the direction of operation, the operating handle should be reset to zero, and the motor should be reversed after the rotation of the motor has stopped.

3. During the operation of the tower crane equipment, if abnormal conditions are found in the machinery, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, and the operation can be stopped before the fault is eliminated.

4. Strictly hold a license to work, it is strictly forbidden to work after drinking, it is strictly forbidden to replace the parking operation with the travel switch, and it is strictly forbidden to operate illegally and leave the work position without permission or hand the machine to others to drive.

5. When shipping heavy objects, you should first separate the air for a certain distance, and check that the brakes are firm and can continue to stop.

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