Basic classification of tower crane

Author: yisainuo Time: 2021-09-03

1. according to the working methods of classification:

Fixed crane: tower does not move, the scope of work by rotation and trolley tower arm complete, used for high-rise buildings, structures, blast furnace installation works.
Tower crane operation: from one duty station to another duty station, such as the rail tower crane, with a load can run, can be used in buildings without disassembling, directly into the new project, Building construction by rail.


2. classified by rotating manner:
On rotating: rotating tower body, a rotatable boom installed on top of the tower.
By rotating : tower and boom rotate together. This overhead crane boom and fixed and rotary counterweight support means disposed in the lower portion of the tower.

3. by luffing classification method:
Boom luffing: This crane working radius is transformed depends on change boom angle to achieve.
Trolley luffing: This crane boom elevation angle is fixed and can not be up, down, jib working radius is relying on the trolley running to complete.


4. by lifting performance classification:
Light Crane: Starting weight at 0.5 ~ 3t, applicable to the following five masonry structure construction.
Medium Crane: Starting weight at 3 ~ 15t, suitable for industrial construction integrated lifting and high-rise building construction.
Heavy crane: suitable for multi-storey industrial plant and blast furnace installation.